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Amazing Beer Doesn’t Just HappenIt’s Created

Bottling MachineBottling Machine

There’s a little Philadelphia history in every batch! Boxcar uses a 1963 Crown Cork & Seal bottling machine, built in Philadelphia, that originally bottled 16 oz soda pops.


Boxcar started off using dairy tanks (no that’s not a typo!) to make the beer. As the business has expanded, so has the technology, and those tried and true dairy tanks were replaced with large, 10 BBLpressurized conditioning tanks that will take our brews to the next level!


So, not to get all scientific on you, but we think this fermentation stuff is pretty cool! Our brews start off as humble mill grain that’s crushed and put into the first tank. Then we throw in some piping hot water and transfer the mix into a boil kettle (think witches brew) that lets us regulate the temperature. Next, various hops are added depending on what beer we’re a-brewin’. The contents are then moved through a cooling device (come on, they deserve a break from all that heat) into fermentation tanks. where natural CO2 is trapped (in the nicest possible way) to carbonate the beer. Finally we filter the beer, transfer it to a bright tank for a couple days and do a final CO2 check. This is efficiency at its finest! The last, most glorious step is putting the brew in kegs and cans for your drinking pleasure. Chemistry 101 finished, class dismissed.

The Lowdownon the brewery

enjoyed with family and friends.

Boxcar Brewing Company is a community-oriented brewing company providing fine crafted beer to be enjoyed with family and friends.

Boxcar Brewing Company, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was founded in 2008 by Jason and Kristen Kohser and Jamie and Kymberly Robinson.

Boxcar began selling its Original Ale to local bars and restaurants in April of 2010. The brewery was officially announced in May 2010.

Boxcar Brewery is located at:

306 Westtown Road Suite C
West Chester, PA 19382

Telephone: 484.887.0538