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It’s a tale as old as time: man drinks beer, man loves beer, man decides to make his own beer, man shares his beer with the world.

What began as a home brewing experiment between Jamie Robinson and Jason Kohser in the mid 2000s has blossomed into West Chester’s own Boxcar Brewing Company.

The two started their journey in brewing out of sheer enthusiasm for beer.  A true passion for fine brews propelled them further and further into the world of microbrewing, until they finally decided to turn that passion into a profession in 2007.  

Now owned and operated solely by Robinson and his wife, Kymberly, Boxcar is proud to put community first. During a time where macro brewers dominate the industry’s landscape, aiming to appeal only to faceless masses, Boxcar brews with their neighbors in mind. Our beer may no longer be produced from the kitchen of the Robinson home, but the level of care that goes into every batch brewed has never wavered. Quality and community stand above all else.

That focus has carried over into establishing Boxcar’s very own brewpub, which opened in the spring of 2015. Located in the building that formerly housed The Note, the Boxcar Brewpub is a gathering place for excellent food, old school arcade games and of course, tremendous beer. Our goal is to be a warm, family friendly establishment where patrons feel less like customers and more like old friends.

We hope to provide our community with nothing but great times. Excellent local talent taking the Brewpub stage every weekend along with lively weekly activities like Quizzo, Open Mic, and Game Night help make that possible. Couple those events with a fresh, locally-sourced, exciting food and brew menu and you have a surefire recipe for fun.

So come down to our Brewpub and try on of our delicious brews paired with mouth-watering  cuisine the next time you are looking for a good time.

It's never too late to hop on board this train - your friends at Boxcar Brewing will save you a seat.

Boxcar Brewing Company