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    • Passenger Ale

      English Mild Session Ale with a light body and Crisp finish
      Color: Golden
      ABV: 4.7%
      Hops: Cluster / Cascade
      Malt: Pilsner / Pale
      Available: Year round in 12 oz. cans and draft

    • Boomer Brown Ale - Nitro

      English Brown Ale medium bodied with hints of Chocolate, Caramel and Walnuts
      Color: Rich Brown
      ABV: 5%
      Hops: Golding / Fuggles
      Malt: Pale / Caramel / Amber / Chocolate
      Available: Year round in 12 oz. cans and draft

    • 1492 American Pale Ale

      American Pale Ale with medium body, pronounced herbal and earthy hop flavor, medium bitterness
      Color: Deep Gold
      ABV: 6.5%
      Hops: Columbus
      Malt: Pilsner / Caramel
      Available: Year round in 12 oz. cans and draft

    • Mango Ginger Pale Ale

      Tropical Pale Ale with a hint of sweetness, and a hint of ginger- balanced and refreshing
      Color: Orange Amber
      ABV: 5.8%
      Alphonso Mango Puree, Ginger
      Hops: Summit (bittering) / Palisades (aroma) / Golding (dry)
      Malt: Pilsner
      Available: Year round in 12 oz. cans and draft



American IPA
ABV: 7%


      American IPA
      ABV: 6.5%


      Pale Wheat Ale
      ABV: 5.3%


      Rye IPA
      ABV: 9.5%

      Cold Brew Coffee Porter
      ABV: 5.0%


      Pumpkin Ale
      ABV: 5.0%

    • Beer Cocktails

      Traditional Shandy: Passenger Ale, Sparking Lemonade, and Orange Wedge

      Orange Shandy: Mango Ginger Ale with Sparkling Orange, and an Orange Wedge

      Grapefruit Shandy: Sparkling Grapefruit with 1492 Pale Ale, and an Orange Wedge



The Low DownOn Our Flagship Beers

The Low Down On Our Beer

Boxcar Passenger Ale

US Open Beer Championship – GOLD MEDAL WINNER

Passenger Ale, Boxcar’s flagship, is a variation of our "Original Ale" (unfiltered, bottle-conditioned), was created to keep our craft-drinking friends happy and persuade our non-craft drinking friends to experience crafts. This moderately hopped, light-bodied transitional ale has a mild malt taste and a hint of citrus. Two different types of unroasted base malts and cluster hops are dry hopped with  cascade hops to provide a rich flavor to this Engliah Mild ale. The Passenger has a clean and satisfying finish with an alcohol by volume of 4.7%.

Boxcar Boomer Brown Ale

A session style Brown ale that has lots of subtle flavors; like walnuts, cedar, caramel, cocoa and dried cherries. Boxcar Brown is made for those times when you want a richer flavored beer that goes well with dinner and well into the night.

1492 American Pale Ale

This single hop american pale ale is brewed exclusively with late-addition Columbus hops. The combination of the citrus and piney notes provided by Columbus hops and pilsner/caramel malts give 1492 a unique sweetness that goes down incredibly smooth. It's name derives from the famous year Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

Mango Ginger Pale Ale 

Conceived just in time for the warm spring days of 2012, Mango Ginger Ale has grown into quite the crowd pleaser! First take in fresh mango to your nose, then get a hint of ginger with the first sip. Bright mango washes it down, and finally a ginger pop comes back with hops in the finish. Perfect for leisurely days at the beach!