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Boxcar Brewpub, located in West Chester, PA, is proud to present Open Mic Night to all local musicians only (no comic acts permitted) NOW EVERY THURSDAY night starting at 9pm. Get out of the basement and on to the stage! If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please complete the form and we will get back to you.

Boxcar Brewpub Open Mic Rules & Guidelines

  • It runs from 9pm - 11pm every THURSDAY night with sign up available as early as 7pm.
  • Each performer gets 3 songs, or about 15 min of performance time. Please respect the rest of the performers and don’t run long.
  • BYO Instrument. If you don’t have a guitar that plugs in, the host will provide his for you.
  • Music acts only please - no comic acts permitted during open mic.
  • This is a family friendly establishment. NO FOUL LANGUAGE is permitted! Keep lyrics clean. Violation will result in the immediate end of your performance.
  • No drums permitted prior to 9:30pm (if there is drum kit available). We have a cajon and djembe that can be used prior to 9:30pm.

POSSIBLE Featured Acts:

The last Thursday of every month may showcase a featured act. The featured act will have approximately an hour long set from 10pm - 11pm. We have a small budget and will offer some compensation for your performance. These performers/bands will mostly be selected from those performers that make and impression at the open mic, but we may draw from other local talent as well. Please see the full band guidelines above, as these featured acts will be handled similarly.

Information for Full Bands:

We do accommodate full bands, but due to the set up demands as well as the volume during the dinner hours, we are limiting full band performances to the end of the evening and one per week (two max if bands are willing to share gear). For your band to perform at the open mic:

  • Contact the hosts via the Boxcar Open Mic Facebook page to schedule it. We will work out details regarding your set up with you from there.
  • On the day of your performance, you need to arrive by 7pm to setup your drums and amps prior to the start of the open mic to limit the impact of your setup on the stage time of others.
  • Accept that people will want to use your gear, particularly the drums. If you are not comfortable with that, you may not want to participate as a full band.
  • Do not bring bass amps or keyboard amps. We prefer to run those direct to the board to conserve on stage space and the # of mics we need to bring. Guitar amps and drum kits only and if there are other instruments that need some amplification, we will work that out.

For your extra effort, you will get a 5-song set. This a great opportunity to show the house what you got and maybe get booked for a full show on the weekends or a featured act slot at the open mic.

In Summary:

All that being said, just have fun! We try to accommodate people to the best of our ability and make this a special event and one that people like to attend as both performers and audience members. Your support and cooperation is greatly appreciated! Thank you for coming to our open mic to share your talents, we really appreciate what you do!!