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Fun Facts

Believe it or not, Boxcar isn’t JUST a place with great beer and delicious food. It is so much more than that! There is a substantial amount of history behind our company that we would love to share with you. Below, we have provided several links that will consist of fun facts about Boxcar, West Chester and beer in general!


Would you consider yourself an expert on beer? Well test your knowledge! What else was beer used for besides drinking? Challenge yourself and see if you already know the facts that we have provided for you. Enjoy and good luck!

Test Your Knowledge!


We all miss when it was extremely cheap to go to the movies, get food, gas, etc. Those were the good old days right? Well did you know that The Warner Hotel in the town of West Chester was a movie theatre first? Can you guess how much tickets were there in the 1930’s?

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Do you have a secret love for trains? The West Chester Railroad is in walking distance from Boxcar! There is so much history within those rusted rails just waiting to be shared with you!

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We all love happy hour prices right? Well who wouldn’t?! Why pay full price for a beer when you can pay half? If only prices were similar to how they once were in the 1800’s.

Relive the Past!