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7 Instagram Accounts Every Beer Lover Should Follow

If you’re not on board yet, you better hop on because the craft beer train is leaving the station at full speed! America is in the middle of a craft beer boom, and one of the coolest parts of being a craft beer lover (aside from the beer, of course) is the community! The craft beer community is filled to the brim with beer enthusiasts, newbie and veteran brewers, and an entirely new kind of fan — the Beertographer!

Social media has created a new way to relate to beer and engage with all the beer lovers and hopheads out there, and Instagram is the top pick for finding awesome brews. It’s  a great way to follow along with the adventurous, passionate, and out-of-the-box hopheads. Check out the 7 #beerstagrams every beer lover should follow for a daily dose of photography, dogs, food, and endless beer.

The History of the Shandy Beer

The dog days of summer call for a beer that is a perfect balance of hydration and intoxication. For this, the shandy is your guy! You probably see these everywhere — from the bar to the local beer store to Aunt Linda’s backyard barbecue. They are the “it” drink of the summer!

But what the heck are they and where did they come from? Join us as we drink up the history of the shandy.

How to Host a Great BBQ with Great Beer

Summer is heating up, and you know what that means — it’s barbecue season! What better way to spend time in the sun than getting the whole crew together and enjoying yummy food and even better beer?

If you’re itching to heat up the grill, we’re sharing recipes and tips for hosting the ultimate backyard party of the season and the perfect summer barbecue.

Crowler vs Growler: A To-Go Beer Showdown

What’s the difference between a Crowler and a Growler? Let us break it down for you in this to-go beer showdown.

If you’re a lover of craft beer, you’ve heard of a Growler, but how about a Crowler? Crowlers are the latest in take-home hops, introducing a concept that has taken over the craft beer world.

7 Annual Local Events for Craft Beer Lovers

Philadelphia and the surrounding area is the hub for hop happenings delivering a wealth of festivals, events and beer gardens to assist in quenching the blazing summer heat. Drink local and check out the best events for craft beer lovers that happen year after year.

How to Have Your Beer and Eat it Too

Looking to liven up your kitchen and find some new ways to spice up traditional meals in the new year? Just invite your favorite guest - beer. If you’re a craft brew novice or the snobbiest of beer snobs (don’t worry, we won’t judge you), cooking with beer is a great way to explore some new brews and all their flavor profiles have to offer.

8 Must-Have Beer Gifts For Your Fellow Beer Lovers

It’s December 1st. I repeat, it’s December 1st! Seriously, didn’t we just finish taking the Halloween decorations down and stuffing our face with turkey and pie? Regardless, I guess we just need to face it and embrace it because at this rate, Christmas day will be here at the blink of an eye.

How Microbreweries In PA Are Changing The Beer Industry

It’s 5:01pm on a Friday and you just left work. You call up your buds and head to the nearest bar because hey, its 5 o’clock and no one deserves a drink more than you after that hectic week. Do you order a bland water-downed corporate beer or do you order something with flavor, rich in taste and most importantly, satisfying?

Luckily for you, microbreweries in PA have opened our eyes to the beer industry, presenting us with that decision when either A. Choosing what to drink or B. Where to go to get that drink. Before we go into the popularity of microbreweries and how they are changing the industry, let’s chalk out what the term actually means.

Boxcar's Thanksgiving Eve All Star Jam

Thanksgiving means turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and The Thanksgiving Eve All Star Jam at Boxcar Brewpub! 

Holiday Gift Guide: The Craft Beer Lover’s Edition

With the holidays approaching, it’s that time of year to start rummaging around to figure out what the heck you're going to buy for the loved ones in your life. And if you’re like me, you’ll probably wait until a few days before Christmas to venture out, only to be left feeling extremely frustrated in the lines of people that are equivalent to Saturday mornings at the DMV. And to complicate things even more, you know that if your loved one is the ultimate beer enthusiast, finding the perfect gift can be a little tricky.